The Complete Guide to Virtual & In-Person Cybersecurity Training

Introduction – Choosing between Virtual or In-Person Cybersecurity Training

Starting a job in Cybersecurity is a great career decision for those interested in the IT field. Cybersecurity is a growing industry with several career choices to choose from. Another decision you need to make is where to get your Cybersecurity training and whether in-person or virtual training is best for you. Here is a breakdown of the two options to help you make the best decision for you.

It is important that as an organization, you can provide the best training for your employees. Cybersecurity courses can be difficult to learn, especially if it is done through an online course. Some of your team may need a hands-on approach to really grasp the concepts being taught. Therefore, some companies are choosing to go with an in-person class over a virtual one. You too can use this information to determine the best choice for your team.

What’s the Difference Between Live Online and Self-paced Instructor-Led Courses?

Self-paced online courses are great for those who want to have the flexibility of being able to work on their course at their own pace. They are also a good option for those who want to learn from the comfort of their home. Live instructor-led courses offer the opportunity to interact with an instructor in real-time, which can be very beneficial for those who need more hands-on help. Live instructor-led courses are also very efficient because students can ask questions and get feedback in real-time.

Virtual Cybersecurity Training – What’s the Cost, How is it Structured, Who is the Best Training Provider to Use?

Virtual Cybersecurity Training is a new form of training that is being offered by many companies and training centers. It is a great way to train employees or contractors who are not in the same location as the company. It is also a great way for individuals considering a career in Cybersecurity to learn what they need in order to pass, for example, the CompTIA SECURITY+ examination.

The cost for this type of training can vary depending on the training center you select and how much training you need. The best approach would be to find a handful of different training centers that provide Self-Paced Courses. Once you have a selection to choose from, make a list of the different course offerings. What will you learn in each course? Does one offer more data points than another? Does the cost of the program match your budget?

One thing to consider is if passing an examination is your objective, many times, the cost of the online self- paced course does not include the cost of the exam. However, oftentimes, the in-person courses do include at least one voucher for taking the exam.

In-Person vs Online Cybersecurity Training – Pros and Cons of Digital Courseware vs. Instructor-Led Courses

Digital courseware, usually purchased and self-studied are more convenient because they can be done anytime and anywhere. But they don’t provide the same level of engagement as instructor-led courses.

Digital courseware is usually cheaper than instructor-led courses, but it is worth noting that they are not always cheaper. The cost may depend on the type of software course, its duration, and the number of students enrolled in it.

Instructor-led courses are more expensive than digital courseware, but they help students to engage with the material better which is why many professionals prefer them over software training. You also have the benefits of being able to ask questions directly to an instructor and receive immediate feedback.

Another key benefit for selecting in-person courses would be the ability to have the instructor troubleshoot assignments that are executed and not providing in the expected results. When learning about cybersecurity there are several exercises you will need to set up and run within the programs provided. It is almost guaranteed that you won’t execute every exercise perfectly, having the option for direct feedback to show you what needs to be corrected can be very beneficial.

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