Switching to a Cybersecurity Career, advice on the right path to follow

 Being unhappy at work is one of the worst feelings. Especially when you realize that the problem isn’t just the office environment, but the career path you chose. Selecting a college path when you are so young in your career oftentimes does not work out and we discover later in life that our passion is in a completely different field.

Making a Career Change Doesn’t Have to be Hard

It’s not easy to choose a new career path. Depending on your living situation and whether you have dependents that need to be cared for financially, making a career change can have several factors to consider. There are also so many options as to where to go next, and it’s hard to know which path will be the best for you. One of the most important things you should consider when choosing your career path is your passion. Allow your passion to guide you through the process of finding your field of interest, courses, and your future career. Many people are discovering that their passions are in a field they had never considered themselves before.

A Possible Career in Cybersecurity

The IT field is a notable example of this. Years ago, the IT Field was considered a workable option only for a handful of people with access to equipment and resources outside of their availability. Now, the IT field has grown and become much more accessible, including fields like Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is an illustrious career path to select because right now it is a career field with low to no unemployment and solid compensation. Plus, if you choose this path, you’ll always have room to grow. You’ll continually be learning new skills and working to understand new technologies.

After reflecting upon your career and deciding to switch to cybersecurity, it’s extremely important to have an organized path and understanding of the necessary steps to achieve your goal. Before committing to a program, determine which areas of cybersecurity resonate with you the most. Threat intelligence, network security, vulnerability management, etc. are prime examples of the different fields of cybersecurity.

 Start Your Cybersecurity Training

The next steps are to determine which qualifications are needed for your chosen field, specifically which courses. At the Cybersecurity Training Center, we’ve made an emphasis to include a variety of courses to suit your needs. Self-paced courses allow you to receive the material and work on your own time. If you prefer to follow the material in person or alongside your peers, instructor-led and hands-on labs are also offered at our facility. After the completion of your courses, prepare to take the final exam at one of our local testing centers. Our shared hope is that every individual receives the certification and experience they need to begin their career and succeed in cybersecurity.

The ultimate step is to begin to put yourself out there and apply to work in organizations that are seeking someone with Cybersecurity experience. You may not land a job in the specific cybersecurity field of your interest right away but with time and experience, you will gain the role of your dreams.