DOD 8570

What is DOD 8570? DOD 8570 was a directive issued by the Department of Defense to manage its’ cybersecurity workforce. The directive also provided the standard for IT certifications required for jobs in cybersecurity. The DOD updates its’ requirements to keep up with the evolving world of cybersecurity and has since replaced 8570 with 8140.*

There are three levels to Information Assurance Technical(IAT), Information Assurance Management(IAM), and Information Assurance System Architects and Engineers(IASAE), additionally, there are five roles for a Cyber Security Service Provider(CSSP); analyst, infrastructure support, incident reporter, auditor, and manager. Each level/role requires completion of at least one certification from that category to qualify for employment in that role.

At our training center we provide courses and testing for many of the certifications required to be qualified for an IA or CSSP role, please see our Training page for more information.


*Additional information on DOD 8570 is available here